I received an email from a former co-worker. She was asking if I could hand her resume to the HR department of the company I recently joined.

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I received an email from a former co-worker. She was asking if I could hand her resume to the HR department of the company I recently joined. She and I didn’t have a very close working relationship but I worked with her on a couple of things at my previous company. She still worked there at the time but she was wanting to leave because she hated her boss. To be honest, I liked her boss, and I learned from another colleague that my former co-worker just didn’t work well with her boss. And she tended to call in sick a lot or would miss work for some random reason of the day.

Before handing her resume to one of the recruiters, I looked it over and found some things that I thought needed to be reviewed like dates and grammar. I’m not the best in grammar but I could easily spot those errors I found on her resume. They were that bad. I emailed her back and gave her suggestions on changes. She replied with “I don’t see why those changes are needed, but ok. Changed. Thanks.” Which I interpreted as “How dare you criticize my resume.” Whatever, girl. I tried to help and it backfired.

Sent the revised resume to the recruiter. The next day the recruiter said he wanted to have a chat with me. During my meeting with him, he said her resume looked strange because the information on it wasn’t consistent with her LinkedIn profile. Well, we all know recruiters do their homework and research. He pulled up her resume and her LinkedIn profile and put them side by side for comparison. Sure enough, the inconsistent chronological order and overlapping dates made it look suspicious. The recruiter told me that he can’t talk to her until she reviews her resume and fix whatever needs to be fixed. He said, “I’m not saying that she’s lying, but…”

I immediately called my former co-worker. Voicemail picked up. Left her a short message, telling her what the recruiter told me, and asked her to call me back.

I didn’t hear from her until the next day. She didn’t call me back but texted me. Her text said, “WTF? What else do I need to do? Did you even try to explain to him that we worked together before?”

We had a back-and-forth argument via text. I told her that I’m doing her a favor by sharing her resume with my company and that I didn’t deserve the treatment and attitude she was giving me. I mean, the nerve!

Long story short, I decided to tell the recruiter to disregard her resume and that she’s not a great fit for the role. The recruiter said that he wasn’t going to pursue her anyway because he had seen enough reasons to disqualify her.

She then kept texting me asking about my conversations with the recruiter, and if I kept at it to get her in. I stopped responding to her harassment.

Then one day she left me a voicemail. She was screaming and calling me names. Oh, I have had enough of it! I emailed her boss (he and I worked on a number of projects in the past and we had a great working relationship). I wrote, “Did you know that [******] is trying to apply for a job at my company? She asked for my help but she’s been very rude to me during the process and left me a very disturbing voicemail. Telling you this just so you know.” Her boss emailed back and said, “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll take care of it.”

A few days later I heard from someone else that my former co-worker got fired. Not sure what the reason was but I’m sure she’s not going to get any more help from me.

A Steal

Money didn’t come easy when I was in college but that was not the reason I stole that wallet.

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“A Steal”

Hello. My name is [********] [edit: for the sake of anonymity we’ll call him “Justin”] and my story is not that shocking. I’m sure a lot of people have stolen things before. Let’s say I stole someone’s wallet but it isn’t for what you think.

It wasn’t for the money. Not really. Money didn’t come easy when I was in college but that was not the reason I stole that wallet. The guy was a friend of a friend. He didn’t even know me, but everyone knew him. I had the biggest crush on him, and that’s what made me do that. I wanted to have something that belonged to him, like a t-shirt or that kind of stuff. But the wallet, I thought, was a bit more personal. Let’s say I stalked him for a few days and studied his habits. We lived in the same building on campus and I saw that he rarely locked his door. He didn’t even really close it. Who does that? So it was so easy. I knew when he did his laundry and so I timed my visit to his room. Had to make it quick in case he decided to go back early. On his desk beside his laptop were keys, some coins, a pack of gum, headphones, and his wallet. I grabbed the wallet and left the room quickly. Another guy was in the hallway (scared me for a second) but he didn’t see me sneak out.

He had twenty dollars in his wallet. A visa debit card. A visa credit card. Some business cards from [************] and [******]. His drivers license. A piece of paper with “oatmeal” written on it (a very short shopping list???). Condom. I kept the drivers license. Then walked to the student union, went upstairs to a computer lab, tossed the wallet into a trash can.

The next day, I decided that I should get the wallet back so I could leave it in his room, thinking he’d need his money and cards. But when I dug into the trash can, it was empty. Too late.

It’s been 10+ years since that day and I still have his license. Looked him up on Facebook and saw that he’s married with 4 kids somewhere in [******************]. He looks happy. So I feel ok about my steal.


I broke up with my girlfriend after being together for 3 years…

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I broke up with my girlfriend after being together for 3 years. The reason? I slept with her divorced mother and I just couldn’t live with that. Thought about coming clean and telling her about it but her mother begged for me not to tell anyone. We slept together for more than a couple of times. She knew I liked older women based on what my friends had joked about out loud, and so she talked me into meeting her at a hotel outside town to “explore” possibilities. Have no idea why I did it. I loved my girlfriend.

7 months after the last time I slept with her mother I broke up with my girlfriend. Couldn’t stay with her while carrying the guilt. Her mother wanted to have a relationship with me but I refused.

I ended up moving to another state to get away from all of it.


Release. That’s what we’re longing for when we’re tired of carrying this secret within us. Sometimes it’s easier said than done.

We all have something to hide. It may be something we’re hiding from our friend, partner, family, or from work, the justice system… The list can go on and on. Sometimes that something we’re hiding can’t come out for various reasons. It can go deep inside us, locked in the dark dungeon, never to see daylight. Maybe some select people already know but we wouldn’t dare say it out loud to another human being. What if someone finds out what we’ve done? What happens next? What if someone finds out our true selves? Would that change everything?

Release. That’s what we’re longing for when we’re tired of carrying this secret within us. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. Sure, we might say, “I’ll eventually tell my spouse I cheated,” or “When the time is right, I will tell my best friend that it was me who ruined that promotion for him/her.” But when? Or will it even come to fruition?

So I created this blog to allow for some release in an anonymous way. I, too, have some secrets I’m hiding that I’ve told myself that someday, it will be shared. Some of the things I’ve done in the past have negatively impacted people but without their knowledge. And those things are the worst I’ve done that I’m not proud of. No, I have never murdered anyone (and not planning on it), so I can assure you that’s not what I’m hiding. You can sleep at night knowing that. I’ll share some of my secrets on this blog later on.

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