A Steal

Money didn’t come easy when I was in college but that was not the reason I stole that wallet.

Thanks to “Justin” (not his real name, of course) for submitting this story.

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“A Steal”

Hello. My name is [********] [edit: for the sake of anonymity we’ll call him “Justin”] and my story is not that shocking. I’m sure a lot of people have stolen things before. Let’s say I stole someone’s wallet but it isn’t for what you think.

It wasn’t for the money. Not really. Money didn’t come easy when I was in college but that was not the reason I stole that wallet. The guy was a friend of a friend. He didn’t even know me, but everyone knew him. I had the biggest crush on him, and that’s what made me do that. I wanted to have something that belonged to him, like a t-shirt or that kind of stuff. But the wallet, I thought, was a bit more personal. Let’s say I stalked him for a few days and studied his habits. We lived in the same building on campus and I saw that he rarely locked his door. He didn’t even really close it. Who does that? So it was so easy. I knew when he did his laundry and so I timed my visit to his room. Had to make it quick in case he decided to go back early. On his desk beside his laptop were keys, some coins, a pack of gum, headphones, and his wallet. I grabbed the wallet and left the room quickly. Another guy was in the hallway (scared me for a second) but he didn’t see me sneak out.

He had twenty dollars in his wallet. A visa debit card. A visa credit card. Some business cards from [************] and [******]. His drivers license. A piece of paper with “oatmeal” written on it (a very short shopping list???). Condom. I kept the drivers license. Then walked to the student union, went upstairs to a computer lab, tossed the wallet into a trash can.

The next day, I decided that I should get the wallet back so I could leave it in his room, thinking he’d need his money and cards. But when I dug into the trash can, it was empty. Too late.

It’s been 10+ years since that day and I still have his license. Looked him up on Facebook and saw that he’s married with 4 kids somewhere in [******************]. He looks happy. So I feel ok about my steal.

Author: Worst of Me

I curate various stories from writers all over the globe. These stories all have one thing in common--they're stories that share hidden secrets while keeping the author anonymous.

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